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Alaska King Salmon Fishing Charter just north of 			Anchorage enroute to Denali National Park
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Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides near Anchorage and Wasilla , Alaska. En route to Denali National Park.
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Just 90 minutes North of Anchorage, Alaska and 30 minutes outside of Wasilla , Alaska
en route to Denali National Park.
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fishing alaska

fishing alaska

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Alaska King Salmon On The Deshka River
We supply more on our
guided Alaska fishing trips!
All Guided Fishing Trips include the following:
US Coast Guard Licensed Fishing Guide, Boat, All Spinning Gear, Tackle, Lures, Bait, Hip-Boots,
Rain Gear, Fish Cleaning & bug spray!
Fisherman's Choice has been awarded the #1 Fishing Charter for Trophy Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters and Trophy Trout Fishing Trips in the Mat-Su Valley.
Just a short drive north of Anchorage, Alaska; with 3 rivers to choose from, we know where the fish are and we take you to them!
We give our clients the best Alaska Salmon Fishing experience you can have!
 Alaska King Salmon caught on the Deshka River in South Central Alaska, 2012
Alaska Salmon Fishing 
Near Anchorage, Alaska!!!
Alaska's Matanuska Susitna Valley (Mat-Su) has some of the best Alaska fishing anywhere in the state. At 22,683 square miles , Mat-Su Valley is nearly as large as the state of West Virginia. With an area that large, you need a GREAT Alaska salmon fishing guide service to show you where the best salmon fishing spots are. Fisherman's Choice Charters is an Alaska salmon fishing charter service, offering Alaska's world class salmon and trout fishing trips on the Deshka River, Talkeetna River and Little Susitna River. We are located in south central Alaska just 90 minutes north of Anchorage and minutes from Wasilla Alaska, en route to Alaska’s famous Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park. As a family owned and operated Alaska Salmon Fishing Charter Service, our goal is to share the excitement of Alaska Salmon fishing trips and Alaska Trout fishing trips with everyone. Whether you're a seasoned fishing expert or a family on your first Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip, we give you a fishing trip that will leave great memories of  FISHING ALASKA
At Fisherman’s Choice Charters our Coast Guard Licensed Salmon Fishing Guides offer personal, one-on-one fishing instruction to the inexperienced Salmon and Trout fisherman.
Yet we offer the freedom of the river to those more skilled,and we provide our clients with top quality gear.

The drive from Anchorage to these prime fishing rivers alone is an Alaska experience not soon to be forgotten, with frequent opportunities to view Alaska’s pristine mountains and wildlife.

        Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing     
Our fishing season begins in late April for Alaska Rainbow Trout, followed by Alaska King Salmon fishing which begins in mid-May. When the Alaska King Salmon fishing season closes on July 13th, the Alaska Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon and Pink Salmon fishing is coming into full swing. The salmon fishing season runs well into September, here in South Central Alaska, and is followed by trout fishing. Trout Fishing is great until freeze-up, in early to mid October.
The largest fish we boated, last season, was a monster Alaska King Salmon caught on Deshka River weighing just over 44 pounds.
Fishing Alaska Rainbow Trout on the Talkeetna RiverHOW MANY FISH??!
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game set up the weir and started monitoring the Alaska King Salmon, on the Deshka River in South Central Alaska, just north of Anchorage in the heart of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley (Mat-Su Valley), at 11:00 am on May 19, 2014 for the Alaska King Salmon.
They counted a good number of Alaska King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) at 16,335! They also counted Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) at 11,578 and 78,111 Alaska pink salmon before pulling the weir from the cold water on September 3, 2014.
Though no count is taken for Rainbow Trout, the trout fishing on the Deshka River was phenomenal, as they spent their autumn days feeding on the eggs of the Pink Salmon, Silver Salmon and King Salmon that had spawned their way up Mat-Su’s infamous Deshka River. Alaska Fish and Game also counted Alaska Salmon on the Matanuska-Susitna Valley’s (Mat-Su Valley’s) Little Susitna River, from May 8th through September 9, 2014.
An escapement of 3,135 for Alaska Chinook Salmon (King Salmon), 24,211 Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) and 16,002 Alaska Pink Salmon  passed through the weir on the Little Susitna River, across the inlet from Anchorage, Alaska. The Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon) run count was  at 21,731 for 2014. The  Alaska Sockeye Salmon run on the Little Susitna River just north of Wasilla, Alaska, was at a all time low of 900 fish thanks to the poor management of the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game.
Unfortunately there is no count taken on the Talkeetna River. However, there was a very strong run of Alaska King Salmon and we were able to limit out almost every trip. The Chum Salmon and Pink Salmon came in in large numbers, as usual, and though not the best eating fish, they are super fun to fight. The Sockeye Salmon run was also generous and we had a large number of clients leaving the river banks with full coolers and sore arms!
Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game also counted 43,915 Alaska Sockeye Salmon (Red Salmon) at there weir site on Fish Creek near Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska. They also counted, in Fish Creek, 10,283 Alaska Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon).

As for the Alaska Salmon runs in the 2015 fishing season, they're predicting another fair/good year of Alaska King Salmon, a good/great year of Alaska Silver Salmon and Alaska Sockeye Salmon. This should be decent fishing season for the
Alaska Salmon Fishing Industry! 

     Fly Fishing Alaska
Fly fishing Alaska for Alaska Trout and Alaska Salmon is a sport of it‘s own. It takes patience and skill to learn and plenty of free time to practice. Though bait fishermen scoff that snobs use flies, while Fly Fishing Alaska, as an excuse to keep bait goo off their hands, Alaska fly-fishermen approach the sport with an almost mystical reverence. Perhaps that's because learning to catch Alaska trout and Alaska Salmon, while fly fishing in Alaska, is a complex process bordering on religion. Yet it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S., now embraced by over 1,000,000 fisher people.

The type of Alaska Fly Fishing Flies we use for Alaska trout fishing and Alaska Salmon fishing are Black Egg Sucking leech, Crystal Purple Egg Leech, Sucking Bunny Leech, Purple Egg Sucking Leech, Egg Sucking Crystal Bugger, Purple Egg Sucking Crystal, Brown Sculpin, Olive Sculpin, Woolhead Sculpin, and the Alaska Dolly Llama.

If the Alaska fly-fisherman is lucky, the passion becomes manageable, second nature, like tying knots in the dark, reading a deep Alaska river or Alaska stream by an undercut bank and knowing where the Alaska trout and Alaska salmon are holding and which Alaska fly to use. But having gone through the novitiate, Alaska fly-fishermen are never the same again. They scan Alaska rivers, seeing water but imagining the life underneath. They concentrate for hours, Zen like, watching the Alaska Midnight Sun dance on the Alaska Rivers, gazing at Alaska streams running over moss-covered rocks, searching for the sight of an Alaska Rainbow trout, or Alaska Salmon, that near perfect fish, as it fins and darts, drifts and feeds in clear Alaska water.
Those visions take hold while Alaska Fly Fishing, and simply won't let go.
When you think of Alaska Fishing and especially Salmon Fishing or Fly Fishing Alaska, think Fisherman's Choice Charters, for the very best fishing experience, when you fish Alaska!
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Alaska Fishing License and Alaska King Salmon Stamp Prices
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1-day Alaska Fishing License $20.00 
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7-day Alaska Fishing License $55.00 
7-day Alaska King Salmon Stamp $30.00 
14-day Alaska Fishing License $80.00 
14-day Alaska King Salmon Stamp $50.00 
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** All Guided Fishing Trips include the following:
US Coast Guard Licensed Guide, Boat, All Spinning Gear, Tackle, Lures,
Bait, Hip-Boots, Rain Gear, Fish Cleaning, bug spray and Plenty of Fun!


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